Free Practical Reasons to use Tip Clean™?

tip clean

Why use Tip Clean™?

This little 7 fluid oz. bottle of Tip Clean™ can save you hundreds of dollars. The “hour-glass design allows easy cleaning of all airless tips and safe storage. Cleaning fluid removes contamination and paint residue, ensuring best spraying results” (Titan product description). If you are like most painters and stripers, your tip will get clogged and you will try to get the residue out with something metal and skinny. DON’T!!!! This is one of the worst things that you can do to your tip regardless the type of material your tip is made. This will damage the tip and hurt your spray pattern. This in the end will cause premature ware. You will then be forced to buy that lovely priced tip that can be anywhere from mid- twenties to higher thirty-dollar range, depending on your tip preference. OR.. you can buy a bottle of Tip Clean™ and help the health of your tip last longer.

How does Tip Clean™ work?

When you are finished with your job, you are probably one of two types of painter styles. You either flush your system out pretty thoroughly to completely or you keep you paint in your machine with your tip turned to the side. This, of course, ensures that your paint does not harden (in theory). Some painters at this point have missed thoughts of whether to leave the machine pressurized or not.

For the first group of individuals that flush their system out, how can you be completely sure that there are no paint flakes or residue that have stayed in your machine?

For the group of individuals that keep paint in the machine until the next job, how can you ensure that nothing hardens in your tip?

The Solution– Use Tip Clean™!

After each job, keep an old tip handy. Place the old tip in your gun and put your working tip in the Tip Clean™ solution until your next job. This will ensure that the tip has no hardened paint and will allow you to get right to work without any down time due to a clogged tip. -By: Amy Cofield

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